We Need to Start Talking About EMR

Unless you’re really into technology and how it impacts our lives from every perspective, it’s very unlikely that you’re aware of how EMR is posing a very immediate threat to the health of the public at large. For those who don’t know, EMR or Electro Magnetic Radiation is a frequency produced by electronic devices as they function. This radiation has a high rate of decay and can pass through walls and wood if it’s close enough to these surfaces. Naturally, this also means that it can get past our skin and that’s what we need to be concerned about.

EMR isn’t really something new. You might have just started hearing some people talk about it on the internet (including us), but in truth, we’ve had EMR amongst us ever since we’ve started using electronic. However, some ten to fifteen years ago, we didn’t have the amount of portable electronic devices as we do today. Remember what we told you about EMR having a high rate of decay? Well, now we’re all carrying an EMR emitting device on our persons, each.

Prolonged exposure to these radiations can lead to a whole host of discomforts, including nausea, headaches and random bouts of dizziness. However, these discomforts aren’t why we need to be so concerned about EMR; prolonged exposure to EMR can also cause cancer cells to develop anywhere in your body. Children under the age of 10 are at a particularly higher risk of developing cancer because radiation absorbs into their heads at a much higher rate.

If you want to learn more about EMR and how we can protect ourselves and our children from it. It’s about time we started talking about EMR – the people need to know.