The Best Refrigerant in The Market Right Now!

The extreme climates have never agreed with us. Whether it would be extremely cold or extremely hot, we wish for the comfort of man-made technologies like the furnace, air-conditioners, etc, which makes the HVAC system very important for us. It is estimated that HVAC holds around 40% of the total house’s bill. One of the key elements included in an HVAC system is the refrigerant and therefore, it is crucial for customers to select the best that is available on the market. As of right now, the best refrigerant available is TDX 20.

TDX 20 Bluon is now considered as the ultimate solution. Previously observing the problems with its predecessor (R-22), TDX 20 was developed as an upgrade. Following are some of the many benefits that TDX 20 provides and they are also the reason why you should consider investing in it today:


The entire world’s population is facing the pending world poverty and thus, humans are now being drawn to save and cut costs. With TDX 20, customers won’t be needing to invest in new equipment as TDX 20 can function with the equipment that R-22 was compatible with.

Energy Usage Reduction

TDX 20 also aids in reducing the cost of using an HVAC system. While previously, a household’s HVAC system cost 40% of the house’s bill, through TDX 20, the cost is reduced to 5 to 25%. In other words, customers now have to ability to reap the same rewards in less amount of cost.

Protection of The Ozone Layer

The ozone layer provides many health benefits for us. It was found that R-22 was destroying the ozone layer, however, research shows that TDX 20 does not harm the layer in any way, making it customer friendly as well as environmentally friendly.