Mackeeper – Legit or Malware?

If a Mac is your choice of laptop PC, then there’s a fair chance that you’ve seen this annoying advert for something called Mackeeper. Yes, that one very annoyingly persistent ad that takes up half your screen each time. Mackeeper’s advertisements defeat their own purpose by being annoying and fishy. Half the apple community is already convinced that mackeeper is one of those viruses that are hoping that some ten year old would click on them. So, is mackeeper a scam? Let’s uncover some truths.

On the contrary, Mackeeper is actually a pretty legit software that you would actually like to install. In fact, it’s a cleaning utility developed by Zeobit LLC, which kind of explains all those annoying adverts. No one would want to spend their money on mackeeper because of the adverts so let’s see if the software is actually good, asides from being secretly legit.

Another reason why we were so hesitant to try out mackeeper in the beginning was due to the fact that it starts automatically downloading itself on your PC. Only viruses and malware do that. You can still cancel the auto downloads but they’re still invasive enough to make you question whether or not you should be trusting this application. However, even if you let the download finish, the app wont install itself. The .dmg file will stay in your download folder till you yourself choose to open and install it.

The parent company of Zeobit LLC, the Kromtech Alliance Group, however should really consider sacking their head of advertising for the greater good of their company. Maybe then apple users will start trusting them enough to give their software a chance. So no, Mackeeper is not malware, it’s just a victim of bad advertising.