Golf is Not One of Your Usual Sports

Golf is not considered just another sport because of the way it is played. It requires a lot of patience and attention. Unlike other sports, it has be played with a lot of patience. The players spend a lot of time contemplating the distance and figuring how to hit the holes. This requires much more intellect and skill than most other sports.

How is Golf Played?

This sport is played using a club and a ball but it is not a typical club and ball game. The player is given a number of clubs that he/she uses to hit the balls. The ball is aimed to fall in one of the holes and the players are given a number of turns to make that happen. The club is shaped almost like a hockey form the bottom with a few alterations. The ball is put in front of the player. The ball is made from very light weight material so that it is much trickier to aim. The ball is put in front of the player who then hits it with the club. The payers who hits the hole in the most ewer stokes wins the game.

This sport is played on two formats. One of these is called stroke play. This is the most regular format. The player who hits the hole in the fewer strokes wins the game. The other format is called match play. In this format, the winner is decide according to the number of individual holes. This is used in bigger tournaments

Golf Courses

Unlike other sports, golf is played on f=different kinds of terrains and golf courses. They can be rough or soft. The terrains and different types of golf courses are described in detail on