Complete Guide to Microblading

Everyone wants to be perfect in every way that they can be, for women their facial features are their topmost priority, while they focus on every tiny detail to have the perfect look, their eyebrows are no exception. In order to have the perfectly filled in eyebrows, many women in recent years have turned their attention towards microblading.

The basic concept behind microblading is similar to that of a tattoo, while tattoos are permanent, microblading fades away with time, you could say it is a semi-permanent effect. This article will be your complete guide to microblading.

If you have your mind set on going through with microblading then you should visit Charleston microblading. But before you do that you should understand that in the process micro blades are used with a semi-permanent pigment on your eyebrows to fill them in. The whole process can cost you around 1000 US dollars, also the effect of microblading lasts for two years.

Since blades are involved, the microblading takes time to heal, you can expect it to take a whole month to heal completely. Also, it is very important that you fully follow the aftercare instructions to avoid any complications.

Once you are through with the process you will have filled in and beautiful eyebrows, however, this process does not affect your hair growth at all, this is a plus point in more ways than one, when your hair grows back up your eyebrows will look even fuller than before.

Always consult your doctor in case you are on some sort of medication before you get microblading done on your eyebrows, for some people with really sensitive skin it is better to avoid getting microblading done as it could cause infections.