Within The Mineral Valley

There exist a set of minerals which occur naturally in the world. These minerals are desired for strong physical properties making them very useful in a wide number of applications. The minerals in question are collectively called asbestos and mining for these minerals began a long time ago but is now restricted or outright banned in some countries. Asbestos was found to be able to cause extremely dangerous health hazards where they are used. The tiny fibres of these minerals can be inhaled and if done, they get stuck in the lungs and begin to cause inflammation and scarring.

This has fatal repercussions to anyone such as the workers mining the mineral who may inhale the dust let off by asbestos minerals hence why many countries have outright banned mining of this product or have kept it under strict standards. Construction companies especially may require the services of PAC asbestos surveys to keep the intensity of asbestos and the health hazards it poses in check. The U.S department of health have classified asbestos minerals as human carcinogen which are substances that can cause causer to humans. They’re incredibly risky to work with and there are many cases of improper or illegal use of the mineral which has caused not only company employees but many of their clients/customers to succumb to the effects of the minerals.

Prolonged exposure to asbestos increases the chance of cancer and though there are small amounts of asbestos still present in the air we breathe; the contaminated level of the air isn’t as bad as it for the people who are regularly exposed to it in their workplace environments. The mineral itself can be classified in two different groups. The first group is of Serpentine asbestos and the latter being amphibole asbestos.