My primary objective is to reform, restructure and reorganise FIFA top-down, to once again become what its founders set it out to be: a service organisation of the highest moral and ethical standards, solely and exclusively dedicated to our sport and determined to deliver professionally sound development. I shall seek to forcefully improve the opportunities for minorities, dedicate time and effort to women’s football, and always listen and learn to and from all voices that have the organisation’s wellbeing at heart. I shall welcome constructive criticism and always respect those, who make our game what it truly is: players, young people and fans around the world.

If elected, I shall use my experience at all levels of football and football administration, to eliminate any and all corruption, put FIFA’s financial house in order and ascertain professional management of all of its affairs at all levels. I shall refocus FIFA’s football objectives to the areas that matter most: solid development based on actual and individual need, realignment of all Member Associations by delivering models of management and accountability, and implementation of strict ethical and business guidelines, review and improve all business policies and become the corporate citizen an organisation of FIFA’s global relevance must be.

I shall never shy away from seeking professional advice from external experts and I shall be a non-executive president who supervises a new top class management team but leads by example and not by micro-managing every aspect of the organisation.