It’s All About Keeping That Ball

Before you start playing basketball, you’d think the game’s pretty simple; you have to dribble the ball across the floor and if you feel too much pressure from the other team, you can pass the ball to one of your own teammates so they can carry the game forward till the hoop is in shooting distance. That is the very basic of it, but you forget that there are a lot of opponents on the court and only one ball in your hand, which makes it pretty hard to keep the ball on you unless you know proper ball handling.

If you watch major league players play the game, you’ll see them pull some fancy and really fast ball handling manoeuvres. These look great on camera but that’s not why they do them, these manoeuvres are to dodge opponent hands that want to steal the ball from the player who has it and while the player is doing this kind of advanced handling, he or she also needs to keep moving forward and keep their eyes on their own teammates so that they know where to pass the ball if the pressure becomes too much to handle.

Basically, in order to really get better at the game yourself, you’ll not only just need to know good ball handling but you’ll need to practice it to a point where it’s second nature to you, otherwise you’re going to have a lot of trouble carrying the game. If you’re wondering how to improve ball handling, then you’re starting to ask the right questions. Fortunately, there are many training drills that you can practice to get the hang of various ball handling movements which will help you keep the ball as you make your way across the court.