Improve Your Moves – Soccer Skills & Drills

If you’ve learned anything on this soccer training website, it’s that your success as a soccer player depends on much more than on just how well you can kick the soccer ball. The fate of the game rests on strategy, teamwork, and decision-making.

That being said, there are several football tricks for strikers that you’ll want to perfect, so you can tap into them when you need to. These are useful soccer skills that you can use when you’re trying to get out of a tight spot on the soccer field or need to beat a defender. Afterall, while the game of soccer is much more than just your soccer skills on the ball, those skills are the foundation of your game. You’ll want to master the ability to control, shield, juggle, and dribble the ball with both feet.

Below are a few quick soccer skills and moves by some of soccer’s greatest players. If you’re looking for soccer practice drills, don’t forget to visit our soccer drills directory. And, also check out our daily footwork drills and Coerver drills sections. These are some of the best soccer skills you’ll need to master to become an elite level soccer player and enable you to play at the highest level:

  • Andres Iniesta’s Signature Move
  • Cruyff Turn
  • Zidane Spin Turn
  • Robinho Step Overs
  • Cristiano Ronaldo: Chip, Cut and Spin