How to Properly Backup Your iPhone or MacBook?

Whether you are an Apple or Android user, it is highly important that you constantly keep your gadgets synced and backed up, so that you can restore all the lost data in case of an accident. It is not uncommon to get a highly expensive phone drenched in rain or accidently spilling coffee over the phone. As these situations are uncontrolled, the only thing that we can do is to minimize the chances of such occurrences and also take preventive measures so that we don’t have to worry about keeping our valuable data safe.

It is advisable to keep your apple devices fully backed up with the iCloud on timely basis and also synch all the applications and folders with the iTunes, so that you can access and control your device no matter where you are without having to be physically in front of the desktop or phone. If you are new to the apple world, you must be asking a couple of questions.  Like how often should I backup my data? What files should I double check?

As soon as you connect your iPhone or iPad with the PC, all your data will be automatically synched, provided that you have selected this option in the settings. There could be some expensive content on your smartphone such as a dieting eBook or a home surveillance app. In order to make sure that all your login information and hidden files remain safe even if your device is lost, make sure to back up it up at least once a week.

If you have bought a new iPhone or a MacBook that does not contain your daily usage files, you might have to go through a manual method of backup, and usually many people prefer this process.