Choosing The Right Beer

Come 5 o clock every weekday, every person leaving the office is trying to just go to a bar and relax for a while with a cold beer. It is a tradition in many offices to grab a post work drink with the colleagues and it is generally considered a pretty good way to blow off some steam after a hard day of work. Many bars even try to keep a happy hour deal where you can get drinks at half price after the work day ends. To make sure that you properly enjoy this time, you should ideally get the right beer for yourself. Having a drink to relax really only works if the type of alcohol suits you. With beers you can have a number of subtle or colossal differences in feel and taste.

Going to different bars in Perth you will find a different set of drinks and flavours. If you like to bar hop or usually end up going to different places with different people after work then you might find it difficult to have a beer that is served across the different bars. Normally bars tend to promote homemade brews and so you will find different tastes in different places. So what can you do to make sure you have a beer that suits your tastes regardless of where you go?

You have to look for the different types of ales or lagers and decide which style generally suits you. Lagers are very crisp in their mouth feel and have a taste that can be described as very pure. The different grains will decide how dark the lager will be. On the other hand ales are generally fruitier and have more hints of different flavours. Stronger flavours are generally darker than flavours that are light or floral in ales.