Knives Make All The Difference

You can really tell a lot about the chef by the kind of knives he/she keeps in their kitchen, but before you start making judgements about people because of their choice in kitchen equipment, you need to know a bit about kitchen knives yourself as well. Ask any chef you can meet and they’ll tell you that they really on their knives to much that they even take them around to places to cook at.

If you’re a budding chef and you’re starting to realise that the cuts of meat you get from the butcher aren’t as refined and neat as you would like them to be, then it’s time you invest in a good set of meat cutting knives. Now there are two different kinds of meat cutting that you’ll be doing and both of them require a special kind of knife set; raw meat and cooked meat.

As meat cooks, its texture changes and it needs to be cut differently as well. Knives that are made to cut raw meat have a different kind of edge and the blade varies in thickness and weight as well, ensuring a cleaner cut. However, after meat is cooked, it might need a slightly serrated knife to cut through neatly. Of course, if you use a serrated edge to cut raw meat, you’ll basically ruin all your cuts and make them look very bad; likewise, a sharp raw meat cutting knife won’t be very effective in cutting meat for serving. If you were wondering how to choose the best knife for cutting cooked meat? Then you just got your answer. Yes, this may mean that you’ll have to invest in more knives that you had originally thought when you first became a chef but it’ll all be worth it.