Career Counselling 101

If you’ve found this page then chances are that you graduated from college a few months ago and have applied for jobs since but none of the places you applied to have called back yet. This can be very frustrating, considering the amount of money, time and effort you just put into completing your degree. You might be frustrated now but if this keeps up, you’ll eventually start doubting yourself and this will make you even less prepared to apply for a job.

Don’t let your brief period of unemployment discourage you. However, it’s important to remember not to let people tell you that it’s okay for you to get rejected for months till you finally land a job. Some people will tell you this because that’s how it worked for them. We’re ready to bet anything that the real reason you aren’t getting called for a job interview is simply that you don’t know how to present yourself as the viable candidate for the vacancy, which you might really be.

This isn’t your fault. If anything, you can blame the education system for not teaching what comes next, after your graduation. Some universities and colleges host talks and seminars that students can walk into and learn from. However, not a lot of people learn anything from these events. You need proper one on one career coaching from a professional career counsellor. If you’re lost and need guidance on how you can land a job, then you can get in touch with Edmonton careers by design.

You’re obviously not doing something that you ought to be doing or just completely doing it all wrong. The jobs are out there and if you’re determined, there’s no reason why you won’t get called. You just have to learn how to show them reasons to hire you.