Can You Act Without Experience?

In a world where we idolize our favourite celebrities as if they were some demi gods that walk amongst us lowly humans, it’s no wonder why most of us feel overwhelmed by the thought of having their jobs. Before we go any further, let’s drop a reminder that even the most critically acclaimed movie stars were once ordinary people just like you and me. If there’s anything extraordinary about them then it’s the fact that they had a dream and they decided to chase it.

Chasing the dream is what it’s all about, really. If you have a crazy dream, everyone will tell you that you’re on a goose chase and that you could be doing something more productive with your life, but instead, what you do is that you keep going forward and work towards your goals without faltering at all. Go ahead, watch any of your favourite actor’s interview, they all have similar stories. If you need more motivation, you can check out budding actor Christian Capozzoli’s Twitter profile as well and realise that you just need to be passionate to achieve the dream of becoming an actor.

The point of this page isn’t to just give you some pep talk, we’re telling you that you can act and yes you have the potential to make it big too, if you have the dedication for it. As human beings, we act on a daily basis. We tell lies, we all have our own quirky behaviours around people and we can impact the lives of others. By that measure, we’re all actors already. The only difference is having the confidence to act for an audience; it comes naturally to you with a bit of study and practice, as is the case with most things.