A Way Across

Using public transport might be something that others consider to be beneath them but the community will really benefit with more people using public transport. The first obvious benefit is how we save an otherwise exhaustible resource. You have between hundreds to thousands of people that travel in similar directions even if the ultimate destination is different. There are a ton of people that need to use the highway to get across the city but take a different exit and usually once off the highway there are busses that still take you around. Just take a moment to consider what happens.

You can have 10 people going the same way and just getting off at different stops and one tank of gas will get all 10 of these people a significant amount of the route they’re going. Or you can have each of these people fill up their own tank of gas and just further the extinction of fuel all around the world. Prices are rising on gas and with each person filling up their own tank for a commonly traversed routes, the benefits aren’t very massive. This is true especially in travel between cities than it is within the same one.

Tampa to Fort Lauderdale have affordable bus packages, but if you’re going to fill up your tank you just make it more expensive for yourself. If you buy a meal at a bar and split it with a friend, both of you only have to pay half. If you have a bunch of other people paying for a ticket to the same place, not only is less gas consumed, there are fewer vehicles on the road leading to lesser pollution and everyone pays a lot less than they would have if they were going solo.